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Learn about new CRM apps / SaaS to manage your customer relations efficiently.

How to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Abandoned carts are one of the most maddening parts of running an e-commerce business. You’re so close to making a sale--the items are in the cart--and then, at the last possible moment, the customer leaves your website without buying anything. What is shopping cart abandonment? Abandoned ...

What Is a Chatbot? The Full Guide to Chatbots

Visit Heapjet's Chatbots and Live Messaging Apps category to discover chatbot apps/software for your business. It takes on many names. Chatbot, interactive agent, virtual assistant, and conversational interface are just a few of them. While the names may differ, the sole purpose of these bots ...

CRM Trends: Convert data to insight

The data is the currency of choice for companies wishing to deposit money to customers. In the world of beginners and seed funds, being poor in cash is less important when you are rich in data. Data is the basis for effective use of predictive analytics, one of the highest trends in machine ...

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