How do you get higher ranking in Google Search Results?

Every business on the Internet already seems to be working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So, about 91% of online businesses made SEO work in 2018 somehow. And over 4 billion people spend billions of dollars on the Internet. When you realize that 93 percent of all online experiences begin with web search, you may want to take your SEO game more seriously.

Why should you care about SEO? The ranking in Google search results starts with search engine optimization.

There are hundreds of different ways to optimize your site for the search engine. However, this year we will focus on some of the SEO methods we believe will have a significant impact on internet searches. These SEO methods will help you to optimize your website more effectively.

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In online marketing, content is everything. In fact, this has been the case for most of the Internet presence, and 2019 will not be different. You’ve probably seen “Content is King”!

In 2019, content will become more relevant when it comes to ranking in Google.

In other words, higher waiting times go directly to higher rankings.

Just to be clear, we are talking about relevant, quality content; it’s not just text or blog posts, it’s all about content that you put on your website and other online platforms (YouTube, social media, etc.), teach users, and learn about your business, your product, your topics.

With that in mind, the only thing you have to do with your content this year is diversity. Instead of focusing on creating blog posts three times a week, try a mix of videos, blog posts, podcasts, webinars, infographics, and so on. Why is that? Because 2019 is the year of content diversity. More than ever, users are willing to consume more than just text. They want more interaction. They want more flexibility. They want more options.

Moreover, in 2019, the structure of the content will take the central stage. If search engines care about what a content is saying, they also care about how the information is structured or transmitted.

It became important that more and more searches were made by the content to do more than to transmit information, in general to ask more specific questions. The content structure plays an important role in the ranking of content, especially for competitive keywords.

The structure of the content simply refers to the way in which content is used to solve the problem of users or to answer their questions. This includes everything that makes it easier to understand the content; Using subtitles and bullets, the type of language used, you actually configure your content to actually answer user queries.

Combine this by creating chat content and you have the best-performing content to conquer your venue in 2019.

Where the content is not talkative, the reader easily escapes. When this happens, people will easily click the back button by increasing your bounce rate. The bounce rate is poor for SEO.

Actually, this is our next point.

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Waiting Time – Bounce Rate

Quality is the key to successful blog submission. A shorter waiting time may mean that the content is not useful for the user. If more and more people continue to click back again, Google thinks that your content is not valid and therefore cannot be higher. You can even push down. No excuse not to improve how much time people spend on your website.

The study indicates that only the number of people using the Internet does not increase; it also shows that the time people spend on the Internet has increased significantly. Globalwebındex’s latest statistics state that the average Internet user now spends about 6 hours each day using Internet-supported devices and services.

This is roughly one-third of people’s awakening time.

To improve the stay, your content should be useful to the user and the information should be forwarded as the user is concerned. For example, don’t write anything exaggerated on your headline and focus on the content.

Also, the ability of your content to attract user interest determines how long your website stays. Content engagement = longer waiting time = better sorting.

In other words, higher waiting times go directly to higher rankings.


When people stay on your site longer, Google thinks people love your content, so your search bots will keep your page higher. This also happens with negative bounce rates. When people continue to leave your web page a few seconds after they come from the search engine’s results pages (SERPs), it tells you the content of your website and that Google has frowned upon you.

You can influence how people interact with your content and, accordingly, how long they stay on your web pages. To effect this, you will need to go back to the drawing board for the quality of the content you remove.

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Google RankBrain

RankBrain is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, a learning algorithm that tries to guess what callers are looking for, and that adapt search results to provide better, more relevant information for user satisfaction. This is an extension of Hummingbird, but with an additional AI and deep learning twist.

Since 2015, Google has been working on this machine learning / artificial intelligence search to offer more focused and relevant search results. In 2019, RankBrain will continue to play an important role in determining rankings and will quickly provide turnkey answers to searchers.

RankBrain has become one of the most important factors to consider when thinking about SEO strategies for ranking in 2019.

However, not only that, RankBrain is considered to be one of the top three ranking factors for Google, as well as content and back links that are more than 200.

How can I optimize Google for RankBrain?

Because RankBrain is designed to learn the language of the content to provide better results, the content that focuses on providing the user with real value is strictly ranked accordingly.

How can you create such content?

First, create content for human readers, not for the machine. The expectation is that the machine is trained to read its contents in a way that people will read. In this case, it means that your content will be considered relevant by RankBrain and therefore will rank higher in the search engine.

Another interesting way for RankBrain to detect good content is the waiting time as discussed earlier. If this AI-based search algorithm detects that users have clicked on your search result and stayed longer, the value of the page will automatically increase. She thinks people love your content because you’ve provided relevant and valuable information.

How can Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) help you to rank higher in keywords? They provide more information to Google about your content and look at the key terms people use.

Bottom line: Create great content that responds to reader questions (questions they write to Google), improve your wait time, and get the most out of LSI keywords.

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Backlinks continue to be an important point in rankings on Google.

This is the basis for the information Google has about your website, including the Domain Authority (DA) of your site. Links from other relevant authority sites to your website tell Google that your website and content are trusted by other relevant authorities.

Backlinks can really affect the degree of your website and are therefore an important factor to consider in the ranking this year.

They serve Google as a way of communicating your trust to the content you publish. And, the more backlinks you get, the higher your chance of ranking.

Some useful but easy strategies to create valid backlinks in 2019:

Guest posts
Use broken links on other websites
Step forward in Blogger reviews
Ask other bloggers to return to your main content.

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Domain Security (SSL Certificate)

You may have noticed that some websites have “https” next to their URLs, and some others don’t. The reason is simple: Web sites that contain ası https basit are safe because they have an SSL certificate.

SSL certificates are believed to improve search engine rankings in the SERPs of a website.

You probably think: unuz How does this affect my ranking on Google? Muhtemelen

HTTP is the process of transferring visitor data from a specific website to the browser. In the case of gelir S gelir which means safe, the transmitted information means that the data is safe and reliable.

This apparently creates a little difference. However, it can make a huge difference with Google, because it helps them understand that the information they show in search results is safe for searchers.

In other words, Google is now using HTTPS as a sorting criteria. Data analysis has shown that HTTPS websites have a higher advantage in ranking on HTTP connections; therefore, switching to HTTPS will benefit any website, regardless of whether confidential information is secure or not.

In fact, in July 2018, Google began marking unsafe sites with non-SSL certificates on Chrome.

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