Digital Transformation for Human Resources

It is extremely important for companies to ensure digital transformation and digitalize all business processes. While the technology is developing at dizzying speed, it is not possible to think about human resources and human resources management separately from this development.

So how do we provide digital transformation for human resources? We summarize the areas of positive transformation of digitalization to human resources in four categories:

Talent Management and Recruitment Processes

Companies can easily communicate with new candidates with the opportunities provided by digital technologies. In fact, we can see that the companies that have not transformed their digital transformation are a center of attraction for talented and productive candidates.

Job search sites are growing and diversifying rapidly, mobile applications are being developed and those who take the time to set up their social networks for business are one step ahead of their competitors. Using digital tools, employers are also one step ahead of their competitors in order to get the skills. Job search sites can also be effective to the extent that they quickly adapt to developing technology.

While online and mobile platforms are turned into marketing for companies and employees, the way to manage the recruitment processes effectively and quickly is also going through digitalization.

While digital environments support the HR units of the companies in a short time to reach a wide candidate pool and get qualified applications, recording the candidate’s CVs in the right way also creates a database of CVs and provides quick access to appropriate candidates in appropriate positions.

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Flexible Working Opportunity and Increased Employee Satisfaction

While the necessity of working in the office and certain hours is gradually disappearing, this situation undoubtedly makes the greatest contribution to digitalization. After a long time of liberation from desktop computers, we can say that we do not have much time to say goodbye to the office with cloud systems forever; of course there will be exceptions, but most of the office workers have started to expect this flexibility from their companies. This new area of ​​freedom is a factor that increases the motivation and satisfaction of employees. Especially in Istanbul, a time that is not lost in traffic is very valuable for all employees and we can easily say that you do not need to fight with traffic to get the information, at least in practice. The integration of this into the organizational culture of companies is progressing more slowly than technology.

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Accessible Information and Analysis of Opportunities

Speaking of access to information independent of space, acquiring a large number of data at the same time and from resources that can be accessed by one click provides significant advantages in analyzing the needs and making decisions for both companies and employees. It is now much easier to analyze the data that can be obtained from different sources in a long time, to establish relationships and to draw conclusions. Long-term performance data, assessment center evaluation results, training received, professional experience, personal information, etc. Numerous data can also make it possible to develop many innovations for human resource professionals, catching opportunities and serving as a service to the employees can actually bring human resources to a strategic position.

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Active Time Usage

The human resources department also carries a bureaucratic process on staff for many companies. Human resources units with personnel affairs and legal processes also spend a lot of time because of processes such as recruitment processes, performance evaluation and training. As for all units, digitalization ensures time-consuming use for human resources as long as these processes end up being handled and handled with paper. Now it is time for Human Resources to take our minds off the papers and look at the horizon.

Last word; On the one hand we cannot catch up with time, and on the other side we are surrounded by a number of new vehicles that enable time-efficient use. In this race, we need to catch up with new technological opportunities and make use of them while running.

How Do I Provide Digital Transformation for Human Resources?
If you want to digitize your human resources processes, we recommend that you use a Human Resources Management software / application. To understand which HR management software is ideal for you, you can visit Heapjet and review the Human Resources Management category. You can easily compare alternative applications and choose the right one for you.

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