6 Accounting Jobs That will Be Automated by Artificial Intelligence

If you are an accountant, your business is more likely to be automated than a retailer or technical writer.

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Last year, entrepreneur and writer Shelly Palmer chose accountants and finance managers for two key candidates for automation. Speaking at MIT last year, Google China’s founding president of China, Kai-Fu Lee, who also builds his research lab in China, said he believes white-collar work (including accounting) is going to be defeated by robots before their blue-collar duties.

But this news comes with a warning: Automation is not synonymous with changing people.

Human or machine?
Research from Gartner (offered to customers) shows what more than half of the employees want if their companies prefer AI applications. The machines perform better on recurring tasks such as scanning a large amount of receipts. Conversely, people leave behind machines in cognitive tasks such as financial planning.

AI’s role in the workplace – worker preference
It is true that automation will continue to change the way that accountants apply their profession. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need people anymore. In contrast, companies that are most successful with AI will use it instead of using it to help their employees.
Whatever the role, automation changes accounting in a key and collective way: the profession will shift from pure accounting to business consulting.

Whether credit controllers or finance managers are working in your small business, you need to prepare your team to focus on clients’ financial and technical strategies. The reason for this is that any repetitive task – and plenty of accounting – go to the machines, based on rules.

Robotic process automation (RPA) will wipe out 20 percent of the değ non-added value yıl financing tasks by 2020. Small business leaders who don’t learn how to automate their accounting tasks for risk-losing customers of machines.

In this article, we will share six accounting roles that will see higher automation levels over the next five years. We will also explain how accounting tasks will be automated in each role.

You will learn what aspects of the role you will give to the machines and what tasks your colleagues should have in their capable hands.

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