How Heapjet works?

Learn how Heapjet works by simply following the details below.

Learn which app to use for your business

Heapjet guides you through your SaaS journey. We provide the list of categories to digitize your business processes and manage them efficiently.

Make your payments to a single platform

Buying every SaaS membership from Heapjet lets you collect all your SaaS payments to a single platform. You gain full visibility and management on your SaaS spending.

Easily manage all your business apps

Every company, regardless of size, uses at least 16 SaaS to efficiently manage business processes. This brings a huge burden of SaaS management to IT management teams. Heapjet eliminates this burden by letting IT managers to manage their teams, app directory and single sign-on from one platform.

How to use Heapjet?

Learn how to use Heapjet by simply following the tabs below.

Easily compare SaaS / apps

Heapjet allows you to compare and find the ideal business apps for your business. To compare apps, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the scale icon () on the top right corner of the app icons
  2. Add at least two apps to comparison table
  3. See the scale icon () on the most right side of the page and click on it to open comparison chart
  4. Compare the features on the comparison chart
  5. Click on app logo to visit app detail page
  6. Click on ‘Start Using’ icon to start using the app

Start using the app you select

Once you find the app you would like to use, login to your Heapjet account (create one free if you haven’t already). To start using apps, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to app detail page by clicking app logo
  2. Click on ‘Start Using App’ button on app detail page. Your account will be automatically created for this particular app. (We may need to ask you additional information in order to successfully open your account for selected app.)
  3. Once your account is created, you will be redirected to My Apps page.
  4. On My Apps page, find the apps you would like to open and connect to your account with just one click.
  5. Additionally, you will be able to connect your pre-existing accounts to Heapjet for selected apps.

Invite your team members

Heapjet allows you to invite your team members and assign them in teams in order to better manage business apps in your organisation. Follow the steps below to add teams and invite team members:

  1. Navigate Team Management page from Settings > Team or by clicking ‘Invite Team Members’ button on header.
  2. Click on Add Team to add teams such as marketing, sales, development etc.
  3. Add new team members and assign them to teams.
  4. Once you add a new team member, s/he will receive an e-mail from us to activate his/her account.
  5. You may define team managers and assign apps to specific teams with Heapjet.

Manage your business apps

You will be able to manage all your business apps from a single platform with Heapjet. User management, pricing management and single sign-on features make your life easier when it comes to SaaS management. Here’s how to manage your apps:

  1. Navigate to ‘My Apps’ page.
  2. Click on the app you would like to edit settings.
  3. On the app detail page, you will see ‘Edit Options’ button. Click on that button.
  4. You may change app settings from the popup box and save them. (We may ask you to verify payment if you upgrade your plan or add new users to your apps that require payments.)

Invite your team members

Tracking cost for SaaS spending is one of the most important tasks of SaaS management. Heapjet lets you track your spending for each app, each team and each category. To manage your SaaS spending follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Billing & Spending from Settings > Billing & Spending.
  2. Manage your payment methods from Payment Methods section. You may add multiple credit card or add discount code from this section.
  3. From billing dashboard, you will be able to see your SaaS spending from a single dashboard. You are also able to add filters to get more insight for your spendings.
  4. You may also see your invoices for each app for which you make payment through Heapjet.

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