How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio

One of the most popular expressions of all time among influencers is 'Click the link in bio'. Ever wonder how they put the links in bio? If you are reading this, then you did 🙂 Instagram makes it clear how to put a link in your bio in a few steps. We would like to guide you on this step by ...

Best app to create your bio link: Linkvery

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook allow you to add only one link to the bio (bio) section of your profile. For this reason, there is no way to add multiple urls to the bio field. However, there is a very cool app that can help you increase biography links: Linkvery. Linkvery is made to extend the ...

How to Write SEO Metadata?

Choosing the right metadata of your content or pages is critical when doing SEO work. How should the SEO friendly title be? Why are title tags important? Does title selection have an important place in search engine optimization? For the answer to how a good title tag should be, please read our ...

Top 9 Free Image Compression Plugins for WordPress

The picture size you use on your website plays an important role in website speed in general. If you optimize images at the appropriate file size, the pages on your website will load faster at startup. It is easy to compress / optimize images with the help of "image compression plug-ins" in ...

What is Artificial Intelligence? How AI Works?

Today, many companies use the term artificial intelligence or AI to present the way to create excitement and technologies for their products. So what exactly is this artificial intelligence? What does it contain? And how will it help change life for future generations? You may have heard the ...

Top 10 Resources for Free Stock Photos

Visualizing your digital projects in the best way is very important to get successful results. Paid sites that offer the best images are constantly coming up, but how do you find free resources? Which sources are the best stock resources among free resources? How do you use these stock visual ...

Agile vs. Scrum Comparison? Which one to choose?

Today, every business process is created and managed with a project management methodology. Finding the right method is the key to succeed in every project. So how do most successful companies in the world get to their current project management process? They took a hard look at what was working ...

What is Ecommerce? How to Make Money with Ecommerce?

What is ecommerce? Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the ecommerce realm, let’s first answer one fundamental question: What is ecommerce? Ecommerce refers to commercial transactions conducted online. This means that whenever you buy and sell something using the Internet, you’re involved ...

How to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Abandoned carts are one of the most maddening parts of running an e-commerce business. You’re so close to making a sale--the items are in the cart--and then, at the last possible moment, the customer leaves your website without buying anything. What is shopping cart abandonment? Abandoned ...

What Is a Chatbot? The Full Guide to Chatbots

Visit Heapjet's Chatbots and Live Messaging Apps category to discover chatbot apps/software for your business. It takes on many names. Chatbot, interactive agent, virtual assistant, and conversational interface are just a few of them. While the names may differ, the sole purpose of these bots ...

CRM Trends: Convert data to insight

The data is the currency of choice for companies wishing to deposit money to customers. In the world of beginners and seed funds, being poor in cash is less important when you are rich in data. Data is the basis for effective use of predictive analytics, one of the highest trends in machine ...

How to Change Your Facebook Password?

There are many reasons a person may want to change the Facebook password. Perhaps your secure information has been compromised, or you have now shared an account with someone you are not affiliated with. In both cases, you'll be pleased to know that it's easy to change your Facebook password on ...

Digital Transformation for Human Resources

It is extremely important for companies to ensure digital transformation and digitalize all business processes. While the technology is developing at dizzying speed, it is not possible to think about human resources and human resources management separately from this development. So how do we ...

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